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Would you like to get FreeRealms gift(s)?

Just three easy steps to get your prize(s)

  1. Registration :

    Sign up for an account on our site by filling in a user name (YOU ARE ALWAYS NOT REQUIRED TO ENTER THE ACTUAL GAME USER NAME) , a password and your email address on the signup page or in the quick registration window in the right sidebar, we require you to register in order for us to identify you and deliver the prize to you.
  2. Collect Points :

    After registration, go to the Earn Points page and start collecting points in order to claim your needed prize.(Collecting points is so easy and it's a matter of minutes), even by registering in our site you will receive 10 points as a signup gift
  3. Redeem your Prize(s) :

    After you collect the suitable amount of points that's equivalent to your preferred prize, go to the redeem prize page and select your own prize then you will get it in 3 days or less.

About The Prizes

Station Cash Codes

This is the most delivered prize to our users and that's reflect that this is the most popular gift so far, and we gurantee that we will always provide codes for Station Cash to you, after collecting the appropriate amount of points, chose the Station Cash Card you want from the select box on the prizes page and fill in your real user name [user name only] in the description box in order to be able to deliver the item for you.

FreeRealms Membership

More than three thousands users asked for FreeRealms Membership as a prize, actually it is the most needed prizes from our services. the steps to get this prize as same as the station cash codes above.

Points & Prizes :

35 points = $10 Free Realms Station Cash Card.
40 points = $25 Free Realms Station Cash Card.
50 points = Full Year Paid Membership.
45 points = Complete Cheats Guide.
60 points = $100 Station Cash Fund Transfer - New
You need 30 points before you can redeem a prize.
Note : You will get free 30 points directly after registration.

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